Dashaur Lake


Dashaur Lake is a high altitude lake (4200 meters) nestled amidst the towering mountains of Pir Panjal to its Northern side, where as the colossal rock wonders of the Dhauladhars’ guard its Southern side.The frozen waters of Dashaur Lake have a bluish tinge so sparklingly beautiful that you would not consider it real unless you touch it with your own hands. For this day hike, we will leave from Manali in a taxi up to the 14th Hair pin bend of Rohtang. From here we will begin are climb up to the Dashaur lake. Like almost all High Altitude lakes, Dashaur Lake too is a sacred lake and its crystal clear water are said to have curative powers. The walk to the lake is a gradual climb. At certain places you might still find snow in the month of July. We will stop at the lake for lunch and then return the same way back.


Duration: 6-7 hrs

Season: June- October

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